If you need help with planning and revitalizing your local economy, or if you need help with designing your workforce development program & programs for supporting your local business, or if you need to identify the right partner for your European project, take advantage of our Partner Program.


You are losing people and no new people are moving to your community? & Your local business is not expanding and lots of your local companies are closing doors? & You have lots of people not being employed and at the same moment your local business reports insufficient number of qualified workers to hire? & You want to diversify your local economy and attract new businesses in IT sector, or creative industry, or bio-industry, etc, but you do not know how to prepare your community for meeting the conditions these industries have to hostinng regions? & Your anual growth rate is heading south each year but you lack the capacity for quality economic analysis, for responding with right measures, for setting up an ambitious revitalization plan?,

If you answer the above questions with “Yes”,

You not only have a problem – you need external help!


All these problems will not go away. They are not to be solved magically with attracting more European funds. They are showing insufficient internal capacity for quality strategic management of your territory.

You need two things:

To invite external experts and restart your local economy

To start building in-house capacity for strategic management of your economy and avoid further downfall


Do not wait for receiving finances from the EU budget in order to start the recovery of your local economy & Make your reseacrh, find the right expert, secure his / her compensation from your community budget & Order Economic Aanalyisis, build together your First Response Economic Recovery Plan & Once you have the whole picture, separate projects which you can fund from your next 7 – year EU Program period from the ones which you can invite strategic investors for.

ACT and WIN!


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Select your partner among leading European and global service providers  in Local Economic Development:

Development Institute Region of Paris (FR) I Luvent Consulting Berlin (GE) I Boston Consulting Group (US) I International Economic Development Council (US)

Disclaimer: The European Economic Development Society (EEDS) does not participate as a party in your further contacts with the Service Provider/s of your choice. EEDS does not provide any advisory concerning your purchasing decision-making, neither EEDS has some financial, or any other interest resulting from your eventual decision to make purchase. EEDS´ participation in the process ends with the presentation of your Discount Eligibility Letter to the Service Provider.