“Even the smallest communities with literally no experience can apply the following advice to help them succeed in this world of economic development. First, site selectors, end-users, business-decision makers and even your existing industries and residents use your website to gather information. In fact, studies show over 95% of site selectors use the internet to qualify a community. If you aren’t being qualified, you are effectively being disqualified; what a shame to be counted out of the game simply because your information wasn’t there. You might be perfect for expanding business, but if the business decision-maker doesn’t specifically know about your community and can’t find the information needed, you’re out!”

Pablo Monzon, MCP, Managing Director and Co-founder GIS Planning

“Demographic data is very important when we go through our initial search process. The first thing we look at is labor shed and workforce information. The easier we can access this info, the better. With today’s technology, we often know if a community will work or not for a client before we ever reach out to the community.”

Alex Metzger, president and co-founder of Next Move Group


 You may had noticed already.  A competitive community has at least two webisites. One is dedicated to the community day- to – day activities, while the other one is specifically promoting the community as investment destination.

Here is how a gold standard community ED website looks like. Easy to navigate, clear, right on the target:



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