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Green economy is not a new concept in Europe.

Green economy, or as we can call that, the European Economic Model, had always been based on two pillars: Smart growth (with thought of tomorrow) and quality.

Economic growth at any price is not what we, the Europeans, pursue.

Economic growth at any price has never been in our DNA.

We enjoy beauty and aesthetics.

We draw from our deep roots and from the treasury built by our ancestors. In return, we create valuable surroundings for our children.

No matter what we do, from art to teaching to industry, we do this with love. We live in harmony. It can be felt at each of our villages, big cities, or parks. Delicate symbiosis between human touch and nature come together in authentic human aura enriching our yards and living spaces. Far from perfection, however so close to the natural beauty and diversity which make any single individual or landscape unique.

Same in industry – the simple fine lines of any product made in Europe reveals taste and sense of perfection cultivated by many generations before us.

Quality has always been the best and strongest currency of Europe.

Blessed with love, typical European prudence and responsibility for what we will leave to our children, we have always been careful about what we gain and what we lose by adding numbers to the parameters measuring our economic results.

Clean air, clean soils, clean energy, clean food…all these living assets have always been components of our, the European, paradigm of being good stewards of the gifts we have received from the Creator and from our parents and grand-parents.

Now, it is time we become even more careful.

“EU carbo – neutral economy 2050” is the biggest peacetime challenge Europe has ever faced.

In order to achieve this goal Europe needs economic planners who are up to this challenge – highly specialised, educated in the newest tendencies in developing green economy, continuing their professional education on permanent basis, building strong professional network for exchanging knowledge and ideas, receiving standardised training ending with professional certification.

Professional educational programs need to be created with strong practical orientation, with input of practitioners coming from all sectors of the economy, developed in accordance with the requirements of the digital era we live in, accessible from anywhere.

Such professional education is especially necessary to be designed and delivered in member states in East European Region where the coal exit will feel most difficult.

Our focus in 2020!

The European Economic Development Society (EEDS) unites economic development professionals in all EU members states and in every sub-specialty to advance economic development science and practice.

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    Our organization’s focus is on European economic growth and how it is translating into European citizens´ quality of life.

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    Our professional focus is on local economic development planning and management.

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    Our mission is to set standards and maintain professional excellence in local economic development in European regions.

Our services

  • Professional training in local economic development
  • Assisting our members in developing instruments for improving community attractiveness
  • Assisting European Investment Promotion Agencies searching to attract business and talent
  • Assisting investors considering European regions as potential locations
  • Networking